Worked the (Not) Cajun Fest this weekend, and had a lot of fun. Then again there aren’t too many radio remotes / live broadcasts, where I don’t have fun. If you are in the radio biz, (or any biz really…) and you can’t find a way to have fun, and make your own fun, then you are screwed.

Spent a good hunk of the evening walking around the Money Monster. You would think that the monster would be the one getting hit on, and he did…. I think one chick even humped his leg. I found it funny that guys kept on comming up to me and asking me if the Monster was my date, and if my date would let me dance with them, or if they could buy me a drink. If I had known back during my single days that all I needed to get hit on was to be walking around with a huge monster, then I might have done that a lot sooner!

Lila was out working the remote too, and of couse the two redheads always have a blast. I absolutely love working with one of my best friends. Anyways, so she got her other half Mack and his adorable daughter to come out too. Well for some reason Lila was trying to make an example to Mack about “affection” and used me as the example, and in the process she mussed my hair a little bit. Well, Mack sees this and with hands hovering over my scalp he asks if he can really mess me up. So upon agreeing, I ended up with some pretty hideous hair.

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One of the police officer there notices all this and comes over and offers me a set of handcuffs to get Mack with. I had a toussle on my hands getting big ole’ Mack into cuffs, and he turned on me and got me in one. Well, I showed them with my quick escape. Ha ha! Don’t try to cuff the Amazing Red! *insert evil laugh here*

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