Isn’t is funny the places you run into or see people who you know?

We went to go see 42nd Street tonight. During intermission I looked around at those around us. I felt someone looking at me, I looked behind me and saw a very familar looking older man. He smiled at me like he knew me. I couldn’t place him to save my life. I figured that I knew him thur one of my friends.

Into the second half of the show I realized all of a sudden I knew who he was. He is my lawyer. I spent hours with this man in his office, biting my tounge with political comments, when I looked around his office and noted his pictures with various Democratic party members. I have paid this man more money than I care to think of, and yet I couldn’t place him.

I am so glad that I didn’t march myself over to him, introduce myself and demand as to where I knew him from, as I was about to do. Now that would have been embarrassing.