One of my favorite people talk with is Lila. We can talk about the silliest things, and the most serious. You know you have a true friend when they understand the meaning of “coming undone” and you can “come undone” with them, and they can do the same with you.


I have never been with a virgin. Sexually that is. Or at least not that I’ve known of. I would think that it woudln’t be that great, because do virgins really know what they are doing? Is there somthing to the “Mrs. Robinson” story? Personally I think it’s a little more fun when both parties can bring knowledge and expirence to the table, ahem, the bed.


Have you ever been dating someone, and one of your friends remarks that they think that person is hot? Isn’t that feeling that you get, the validation, that the person you are with is hot to someone else besides you, cool?

I was never the girl to date the hot guy. I dated the guys that most girls passed by, I worked to see beneath the surface and wanted to think that made me a better person somehow. My few forays into the world of the hot guys, were far and few between. For some unexplainable reason it’s kind of upsetting to hear someone ask how someone attractive, would be with someone not as attractive.

One of my best friends is tall, blonde and beautiful. She married a guy who is tall, blonde and handsome. They are reffered to in our group of friends as “Barbie and Ken”. She just beams whenever you call them such, or make mention that she’s with a hot guy.

We make up mental maps, of what/who we are attracted to. This can be a combination of personallity, mental ability, looks, and environment.

When you think about it, it’s interesting to see how looks are influenced on our relationships.


I hate my height, or lack thereof.

If I buy jeans in the 32′ inseam they are too long. If I buy jeans in the 30′ inseam they aretoo short. Why can’t Victoria Secret sell jeans in the 31′ inseam?

Then by the time you get a seamstress in on it, to shorten pants, there the chance of them never looking the same….

I’m a tall petite. What an oxymoron!



I am not a patient person.

I am having to learn it the hard way.