It’s past 3:00 in the morning.

I lounge here in bed with my laptop, and a partial to-do list of stuff for work this week. My jaws ache, and I’m starting to wonder if the drugs are even working much at all. I’m sleep deprived and stressing. I’m cursing myself for not upgrading to more memory on my laptop so that when I run a decent graphics program it dosen’t slow down to a crawl.

One of the things I love about my job, is that I can work on stuff almost anytime, from almost anywhere, assuming I have my laptop and an internet connection. It was bizzare this past week actually not working for two days. Seriously. I went two days without checking in on either website, and without checking any email.

I’ve been designing websites in my head as of late. Unfortunately none of the designs have made it to the web yet. The major glitch is…. is that they are formatted more complicatedly (Is that a word?) then I can script. Yet. I have a vision that is very clear, concise and modern. Though I fear I am getting in too deep at this time for my own good. One can only run so fast on the highway, and considering I wear heels… well you get the picture.

Into the 3:00 hour on Monday morning and I cannot quiet my thoughts. It goes beyond work, and into that other thing I try to have called “a life”.