Orfeo ed Euridice was fantastic. The Mezzo was amazing and the evening quite a success. I met one of the board members of the CSO (Chattanooga Symphony and Opera) Guild, who was sitting next to me. I inquired about membership in the Guild, and he took my information to pass along to the membership chair. I would love to get invovled in the local group, I have missed being involved in the music community.

This might sound a bit odd but I have been craving some substantial culture as of late. I’ve not had much time to pursue any of the local art exhibts, and I have missed live music. Tonight did my soul good.

What surprised me was the vast difference of people in attendence tonight. There was the odd one or two in blue jeans, and some in tiaras and tails. Then there were others like myself who played it safe with the “little black dress”. The age groups represented were quite diverse also, there were the elderly, and some children. Seeing the little ones (I think the youngest we saw was maybe 5) made me look forward all the more to taking Meg to the Opera one day.

For those of you who are not familar with the story of Orfeo ed Euridice, it’s a love story. In short, Orfeo goes to hell and back to bring his beloved Euridice back to life. It’s a beautiful picture of the love a marriage should be compossed of.


Two words: Dry Socket.

Third pain killer. Might work for two days. More foggyness. I’m not sure I can go thur another week of being in a fog. Today was one of the most painful by far. I’m dreading my airshift tommarrow. One, because I’ll have to be off of the pain killers so I can drive, and do my airshift. I refuse to do an airshift if I’m under the influence of a “drug”. Two, because as of right now a whole lot of talking hurts.

At least as of right now I can look at the monitor without getting dizzy.


MiniMe has become quite the little mimic as of late. When I wash my face she’s also got to have a washcloth, and a cotton ball with a little bit of water on it (instead of toner). She seems to get a kick out of playing with “her” makeup brushes and checking herself out in the mirror. I think that I am going to have a total girly-girl on my hands, which is fine by me!


You know I’m not feeling well when there has been football on most of the day and I’ve not watched one whole quarter. Drugs and phone calls.

My (adopted) little sister Abby, might be moving out here. If not moving, then just for a visit. I’m very thankful we both have Cingular, otherwise my cell phone bill would be higher than the national debt. It would be fantastic to have one of my sister closer, and I know Meg would love having her Auntie Abby around.


Only 24 more days till the Neil Diamond concert in Atlanta! YEAY!!!