At least with childbirth/labor, I knew it would eventually be over. (50+ hours wasn’t short, but I knew it would be over soon.)

With mirgraines most of the time I can kill them in under a week, and unless I tell you, or you look really closely at me, you can’t tell I’m dealing with one.

This is really annoying me. I’m sick of being “fuzzy and foggy” from the “happy pills”, yet this is more pain then I signed up for. I should be over this by now. Sure it’s not been a week yet, but it almost has.

My jaw, chin, cheeks, nose and lips are still numb. I thought that had cleared up, guess not. Arrgh.

I don’t like not being 100%, or at least being able to fake it well. I have never dreaded an airshift, I’m dreading it today.

My point: I am not a wimp by any means, but this sucks!