Tonight was going to be a “Girls Night Out”. Janet and I were going to go to the opera, unfortunately Janet caught a bug on Thursday and is sick. So Robert and I are going to go instead.

I’ve been looking forward to tonight for multiple reasons. One, because it’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to really get “dolled up” for some other reason than the rigamorole I go thur to go on stage. I was going to wear this beautiful black stapless evening dress I’ve not had a chance to wear yet. Then it hit me, this is Chattanooga, not Atlanta or New York. So it looks like the gown will stay in hiatus with the others.

Today I have been recovering from doing way too much yesterday. I even called the doctors office to get a refill on “happy pills”. Recovery is not my strong suit, I have a very hard time taking it easy. I’m really hoping this week will take it easy on me. Guess I shouldn’t have pushed myself as hard as I did last week to get over this, seems like I just made it worse in the long run. Dammit all to hell.