I am hearing the sound of a chicken clucking in my head.
It might be the “happy pills”, exhaustion, the fact that I cannot turn my brain off, or the fact that I have a million plus one things running thur said brain.

Seriously though, I am a chicken. I use the blog to communicate various things, and often I use it with comments or posts directed at particular people, and often that gets misread, sometimes by the wrong person.

I have to stop being a chicken. I have used email, computers, IM, text messaging, etc…, for so long, I’m in danger of possibly forgetting how to communicate without the use of extra technology. It’s refreshing and terrifying at the same time.


I love my Sigie (Sigiefried) cat. He has this wonderful rumbling purr, beautiful green eyes, he’s great company, and he loves popcorn. I’m not sure if he’s hanging out with me tonight because of the popcorn or just because he’s a Momma’s boy. Silly kitty.


I kissed my strawberry blonde tresses away today. I startled myself when I looked in the mirror when I got home. My tan is starting to fade and I had gotten tired of people referring to me as a blonde. I’m reverting back to my winter coloring. It’s that’s transitional phase of where I’m just not happy.


The Komen Race For the Cure is this weekend. I am so excited! It’s a great event with a ton of people and it’s really a lot of fun. In all reality, I don’t care for crowds, but somehow I don’t notice too bad. It’s a lot of kaos, and crazyness, and somehow I have to make heads and tails of the kaos, and communicate to all those people what in the world is going on. It’s fun and I really enjoy working with the cause.

Now I just have to settle on my outfit. The last two years I’ve looked kinda frumpy, then again your not susspota’ neccessarly look hot at a race. Then the first year I did it, I discovered the full pants suit was a bad idea.

Meg will be walking/running around this year, and I’m really looking forward to continuing this tradition with her every year.