I have this phobia about dentists.

So bad that I cannot keep a dental appointment. I know and accecept this. To get me into the dentists office involves a “due to a last minute cancelation we have a slot available at ____”, and a “happy pill”. Oh, and to get me to actually stay in the chair involves Nitrous Oxide.

I’ve known I’ve needed to get my wisdom teeth removed for awhile now. I’ve ignored this. Even when he (the dentist) looked in my mouth and said “If you don’t get those removed soon, then you risk possibly messing up all that hard work.” He was referring to other oral surguries and braces. Now with crowded dental work, being told I would need to take a week of of work (as if!), and losing four teeth (of which I thought I had already lost two), I face the person much worse than a dentist. The Oral Surgeon.

And the timing is off. If I book the appointment too soon, then I’ll be too icky to go to the opera next weekend. If I wait too long then I’ll be out of new “happy pills”. This sucks.

Perhaps I can figure out a way to get cosmetic surgury and oral surgury done all at the same time, that way I only have to be super insanely miserable all at once.