It’s after 9:30 and I was heading to bed knowing I need to get up early… then I remember it’s Monday night… Now instead of sleeping soundly I’m watching the Falcons kick some Eagle butt.

My Redskins play the bastardly Dallas Cowboys next week. I have a feeling I’ll either be hung over next Tuesday, or I’ll be hung over. Either from celebration or from defeat. I’m excited to see the game as it shall be interesting to see about the change of starting quarterback.

Now I will be the first to admit, I’m not up on all the terms, players and lingo, but I love watching the game. Most of the time. There are some teams and games that aren’t worth my time, it’s gotta grab me.

It was quite funny when I was married to the Sgt., because when it came down to football season, I was the one on the couch watching the games, and he didn’t give a rip.

I still remember when my darling little newphew Adam (who is now 15) was just a tot, I taught him to say “Go Redskins!” There was somthing so cute about a two year old who knew the right team. I plan on working the same two words into Meggie vocabulary. It’s a requirement in my family to be a Redskins fan, otherwise you are considered “odd”. It’s funny on Thanksgiving, it’s my sister and I sitting in front of the TV watching the game.

I need to get a new Redskins jersey… I’ll need it by next Monday.