One of those questions that will never go away.

I was on my hiatius from radio, I was in hiding. Not able to stand it any longer I got a job working at a local car dealership as a receptionist/secretary where my Stepdad works.

It was my first day of work and we had the TV on in the office. Soon there were reports coming in of the first crash. At first no one knew what to make of it. In about an hour, everyone at the dealership was crowded around the TV’s. My Dad was there, and I remember standing next to him and just watching the tv.

That was my first and last day working at the dealership. The business got rid of a good sized handful of employees that day, I didn’t even get to work a full day. Economics were going to be hit, and hit hard. That was o.k. with me because my cell phone had been ringing from one of my old stations. They needed extra hands who knew what the hell they were doing.

If I remember correctly, I spent that evening watching the news coverage with my (soon to be at the time) ex-husband. It made the most sense in the world at the time to watch the trauma unfold on the screen, together.

Now almost to four years after 9-11, our country is dealing with the afteraffects of Katrina. At this late hour I wish I had some really profound thought to share, but my mind is exhausted and my body tired. The only thought I have is,
“Oy Vei…. we’re fucked.”