I think I’ve decided on my next ink.
I think it’s going to be a (small) lily flower with a hovering honey bee.

Sounds a bit bizzare I know, but there’s reason. My name in Greek means “honey bee” and my middle name (which I share with Megan) means “lily”. Now the odd thing is, is that I’m very allergic to bee stings.

Also, apparently according to the laws of aerodynamics, it is impossible for the bee to fly. But no one told the bee that.

When I got my first ink, I told myself I was going to wait untill I had achieved somthing, gotten to a particular point in life. And I did. I got it when my job becoame official, when I offically went back to work full time. Now I have to decide what for and when the next one will take place. I may end up not doing it at all, because I haven’t 100% set my mind to it yet. But once I do, I will.