Just when you think you’ve gotten past some of the most embarrassing years of your life (high school/academy) leave it to one of your best friends to remember and recount in perfect detail one of your most cringe inducing moments.

I was never cool. I was always a geek. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. I wasn’t the one who got asked to banquets, instead I did the asking. When I did skip class, I was to be found in the library, computer lab, piano room, or across campus at the university. I spent more time at the university, then I ever did at my academy. When I got in trouble it wasn’t for a dress code violation, it was computer related.

Chelle recounted tonight an event that took place our Freshman year. It was Home Economics class, a class that if they had let me I would have tested out of. It was insulting. Since I had already demonstrated that I knew how to sew and follow a pattern, I insisted on designing my own pattern for the final test and end of semester fashion show that the class always put on. What resulted was quite a disaster. I took a bunch of mens ties and sewed them together to make a skirt, then I took the top of a pair of overalls and sewed the two together. It was quite the “Blossom” outfit. I even took it one step further and embroidered all over the top. The worst part of it…. I wore it in public and thought I was cool.

What brought up our develguing into the horrific memories of academy was the remembrance that we still have yet to reach our ten year reunion. Between Chelle and I we’ve determined she’ll her third child by then, and I’ll be on my third marriage.