Tomarrow is Monday.
Not susspota’ work tomarrow.
Yeah Right.
And I’m going to vote Democrat.
That’ll be the day.

I’ve been working a six day work week. Not that I totally mind. I’ve been working Sundays now for over a year, that’s normal. Now I don’t put in a full day on Sunday, on average about four hours. I’ve become one of those sick people who are known as “Workcoholics”. Not that I mind, I love my job. I’m good at what I do dammit, there just aren’t enough hours in the workday/workweek. That’s why theres the great concept called “working from home”.


A co-worker of mine was shocked the other day to find out that I was younger than he. The response was somthing to the effect of; “Your not sussposta be a success at the age of __. Your sussposta be a total fuckup!”

Oh I love it….
It’s because I have worked my bum off, and I continue to work my bum off that I am a so-called success. My resume boasts a good work history, and a long one. Anything less than success isn’t accecptable. Frankly I don’t see myself that way though. Perhaps after a completed college (masters) degree, some certifications, a Nobel Prize, a syndicated radio show, and a job offer directly from Bill Gates. Then I might see myself that way (as a success).