Today has been a majorly bizare day.

Camille came to Chattanooga and we got to just have a great girls lunch, where we ran into her boss, who is also my former boss. Now I could get into specifics etc… but it’s odd when a bunch of things, that are related, happen all at once.

When I left that broadcasting company, under doctors orders to go to bed or risk miscarriage, I said somthing to the effect of “just ask, and I’ll come back.” I am really happy with where I am now. But also I know that I cannot make my way into management where I am now, I need to go back to sales if that is where I really want to end up.

The more I see though, and consider and observe, I’m reconsidering that direction. I love radio. It’s in my blood. I can’t see myself not working in radio. I want to do some more research in the direction of consulting. Everyone “hates” consultants. I think it would be a lot of fun.


So yesterday I actually made it thur the mall without shopping. That was almost more impressive then reworking music scored for an Oboe, for the Marimba on the fly.

Damn floor sets… they know my weakness is anything for Breast Cancer. That pink ribbon will get me everytime.

So this is what Lee Jeans is doing:

Check it out and see if you can get your company to participate in the “National Denim Day”. Pretty simple and it’s the worlds largest single day fundraiser for Breast Cancer.