I have spent the majority of my day working on charitable stuff. I’ve always been a sucker for charities. I’ve never done a lot of work for The Red Cross, I’ve done more work for cancer and environmental stuff. I really enjoy doing charity work, it’s something that even in school I got really involved in.

One of my favorite charity events is coming up, The Komen Race For The Cure, for Breast Cancer. I got involved with Komen almost by accident. A friend of mine gave me the heads up that the local race needed a voice, an emcee. So I volunteered and that was the first and last time I have showed up to a race in a full suit and heels. People looked at me a little funny. What can I say… I was trying to be professional. I had a total blast, and did it again the next year only with morning sickness. Last year I took my darling Meggie with me. Even though she was stuck in her stroller, it meant a lot to me to have her there with me. Out of our group of ladies who work the race, there were two of us who were pregnant at the same time, so now she’s reffered to as (one of the) Komen Baby(ies).

I can’t wait for this years race…. But in the meantime gotta go raise more funds for The Red Cross.