I’m gonna do it, darlin’
I could waste time tryin’ to figure it out
But I’m jumpin’ anyhow
I’ve never been this far
Didn’t know love could run so deep
Didn’t know I’d lose this much sleep

Holdin’ you close
Chasin’ that moon
Spendin’ all night
Learnin’ just who you are
Sparks flyin’ in the dark
Shootin’ out lights
Runnin’ down dreams
Figurin’ out
What love really means
Baby, givin’ you my heart’s
A real fine place to start

Somethin’ is goin’ on
And I can’t explain but sure can touch
It’s callin’ both of us
Stronger than any fear or doubt
It’s changin’ everything I see
It’s changin’ you, it’s changin’ me


Right here, right now’s
The perfect spot
The perfect time
The perfect moment
When your skin is next to mine


“A Real Fine Place To Start” – Sara Evans