I’ve had a lot of time to think a mess of scrambled thoughts today, due to excessive time of being stuck in the car.

Drove down to Geraldean, Alabama, which is located right outside of Fyffe, Alabama. (aka the middle of no where). It was for the Spoual Unit’s family reunion. Not nearly as bad as I had imagined, we didn’t even stay that long, left soon after one of his aunts asked me if I was going to play the piano for “the singing”. Yeah…. I think not. There are certain things I’ll do in public, and there are certain things hell would have to freeze over first.

Left the middle of no where, and headed towards the Birmingham area where my older (adopted – long story) sister April is. I have missed my big sister like crazy, and we have the worst time trying to see each other. She’s 30 weeks pregnant with “Tristian” my soon to be little nephew. I’m so glad she was finally able to have this little one, partly because we promised each other years back that if for some reason one of us wasn’t able to do the whole childbearing thing, we’d do it for the other one. I was starting to get a little nervous…

Anyways…. so we had plans to hook up for dinner and chill for a little bit. To make a long story short she’s about a good with communication as a man, and her other half was being very, very, whiney. So we decided to hook up another weeked. *sigh* Sucked major. I’m still a little miffed and bummed.