Warning! The following post is rated X for language and topic.


My big sistah’ April and I got started in on the discussion of “Having Sex v.s. Making Love”.

Now make note that I did not use the words “fuck” or “screw”. Mainly because those can be used more in a descripitive sense.

“I just want to fuck your brains out.”
“I’m just screwing with you.”
“Well fuck me running!”
“I want you to screw me right here on your desk.”

Having sex is very machanical, more than likey you are not very emontionally connected. While making love, on the other hand, is an emontional connection. And frankly I don’t believe you can have fantasic sex if you are not emontionally connected. Muscle spasms are plesant, and going thur the whole thing can be a lot of fun. But to really enjoy and relish the whole sexual expirence, it’s important to be connected on more than just that one sweaty physical level.

The point that April and I came to finally, in short, was lust cannot compare to love.

Make any sense?