I have felt so damn lazy today, so unlike myself. Good grief. I didn’t even have any good drinks or exhausting sex. Just Tylenol PM. Took two last night, and they weren’t working, so two hours later I took one more. Well, needless to say but that third one kicked my arse. I didn’t even fall out of bed till noonish, and even then was back in bed a couple hours later for a nap. I needed the sleep, but I still look tired. Good grief.

I had these great plans to really go gun-ho Martha Stewart meets Mr. Clean on the house this weekend, but I think my body needed/needs the rest. I say that… yet it’s 12:30am and I can’t wind down enough to sleep.


Met Mom and Dad tonight for dinner at Mom’s favorite Chinese resturant. I just adore my parents. My Dad isn’t really my Dad, but he might as well be, we don’t always see eye to eye, but he’s the best. And Mom, well what can I say? She’s one of my best friends and even though I curse her at times for some of the DNA she passed on, she’s still more than just my Mom.

At this little Chinese place they have a fish tank. Well Meggie has this major fascination with fish as of late. She loves them. So as soon as she sees the tank she’s running to it going “Ish! Ish! Ish!” Before they brought our main course out Meggie wanted to go see the “ish” again. I had to laugh because instead of getting Megan out of her highchair, Mom just drags it across the floor, to the tank for her to see the “ish”. It was quite entertaining.


I’ve startd back on my Blockbuster habit again. Not a bad thing. I’m not one to watch alot of TV perse. Growing up we didn’t watch TV at dinner, as many familes do nowdays. I read books or the newspaper.

Anyways, one of the rentals was “The Wedding Date” yes… I know. “Chick flick”. I just wasn’t in the mood for a “testical fest” (the opposite of a chick flick) Deborah Messing is a beautiful woman and a good actress, and I just adore Dermot Montgomery. Got some great quotes from the movie.

“You are so lucky to be shagging him! You need to send God a bottle of wine or at least some quiche.”

“Nothing that a bottle of Jack and a straight razor won’t fix.”

“The hardest part of love isn’t loving someone, but having the courage to let them love you back.”

“I think I’d miss you even if we’d never met.”