“In this world we’re lucky if we find
A spark that sparks one time,”
– Carole King


Mucho Gracis to my wonderful super uber geek buddies Dave and Mark who fixed my laptop. I cannot promise that I will not stupidly wipe out the whole drive, again, but since there is a very good chance they might come across this…. I just wanted you guys to know that I really appreciate your friendship and helpfulness.

And yes… next time we are out, I’ll still buy ya’ll drinks. But no more of that stuff that happened at the last Con. *snickers*


I forgot how much I hate Doves. Not that I actually hate them… but we’re “Dove Sitting” for a magician friend of ours. Sigie (my adorable little black kitty) has made it his personal mission to make sure they feel right at home. They just make so much noise! Even though they are in the studio basement, I can still hear them plain as day upstairs. It’s amazing how loud two little birds can be!