I am a cat person. I adore my cats. I have always had cats. I relate well to cats. I have feared before being the lonely old crazy woman with lots and lots of cats. There has never been a time in my life when I didn’t have at least one cat.

Then explain to me why in the world I went home the other night from the American Cancer Societys Beach Ball (fund raising event, kinda like the Cattle Barons Ball, only with a beach theme instead) I took home the cutest guy at the ball… An almost 10 week old Chocolate Lab puppy.

I had seen him and loved on him a little bit, and when I saw his eyes I knew I wanted him. Now that’s dangerous. Because when I decide that I want somthing, come hell or high water I will get what I want. If nothing else no one will ever be able to call me “undetermined”. When I want somthing, I go after it. And that’s probably a very good reason as to why I don’t do the auction thing… I even outbid myself. *laughs* I asked Robert as to why he didn’t talk me out of it… he just laughed. Guess he knew that since it’s pointless to try to talk me out of somthing.

I yelped this morning when I realized how much I had paid for the little big footed thing. I have joked that he needs to be named “Gucci” or “Prada” after the purses I’ve kissed goodbye in getting this dog. Espeially after the trip to Petsmart this morning…….. I forgot how much stuff puppies need.

Sure I was planning on getting a Sheltie soon. But after the latest run around with the breeder in P.A., I figured when the time was perfect, everything would work out. Then I find myself snuggled up last night with the new puppy on one side, and my cats on the other. Robert had no choice but to find refuge on the sofa.

I need my head examined.
But he’s soooo cute! And so well behaved! Right now I’m calling him “Jack” because of all the new “Jack” type radio formats.

Pictures to come soon.