I really like real radio people. There are those that are in this industry who haven’t had to suffer much at all. Those people just suck. If you don’t have at least a small journal of horror stories, and can’t relate to at least 75% of the cartoons on www.krud.com , and you are in the industry… you suck. *snerks* There is a silent weird bond between those who have suffered the late nights, the creepy stalkers, crappy shifts, the malfunctioning boards, the invisable engineer and program directors, the formidable ratings and the crappy paychecks.

(Disclaimer: This does not apply to those who are in the industry and who have never done on air work. It’s a different monster.)

It’s always fun to meet the newbies and start comparing resumes and see who all you have in common, and fill their heads with myths about the management. I got to meet our newest newbie on the rock station the other weekend, turns out he’s a geek too. He has a blog and likes Monty Python, and we know some of the same radio peeps. But alas… he got a nickname in the first three minutes of conversation. He’s “The Duck Pimp” as he also sells Aflac insurance. So take a second and check out someone elses blog….