“I figure you must be a big thing, you are on the radio and tv afterall.”

As told to me by a listener yesterday when talking to her on the phone about a contest she had won. She had asked me if she’d get to meet me at some station event, and I had told her that was more than likely negitive.

People crack me up. I have learned my lesson though not to go into the mall wearing a baseball cap though… the redhair gives me away. Yeah, I had this great idea I could run in and out really fast without seeing anyone I knew. I should know better. Dammit. What the hell is it about this town? You get 1 second of camera time and people know your name. Makes me feel sorry for people who actually have real celebrity.


Ever have one of those moments when you really wish you could just disapear? Yeah, I know that sounds funny coming from a Magicianne, but seriously.

Yesterday I had the hour from hell. In that one short hour of the day I managed to wipe out the hard drive on my laptop (which I had just gotten back into working order), and embarrassed the living daylights out of myself and my company in front of potiental clients. Eh. Not so good.

I kept on telling myself “It can’t get any worse.”
When actually it could have.
I have no grace. I am not graceful. I am a klutz. I should know by now not to attempt anything that could even be remotely complicated.

It took a good deal of wine last night to even remotely get over that.


Now that’s another story… last night.
My outlook on the Chattanooga landscape is in sad shape. Very sad.

Met up with Camille and a male friend of hers at High Point, had a glass of wine, and waited for Lila to get off the air. Only after that glass of wine was I able to recount my super embarrassing incident of that afternoon to Camile. Of course she would think it’s funny, she works for another radio group!

Joined Lila over at this little placed called the BoneFish Grille. Great resturant that specilized in very fresh seafood. I am not a seafood fan, I know… that’s odd for a Yankee Girl from Maryland. The “thou shall not eat any unclean meats” of the SDA religion is one of the edicts I can live with, since shellfish fall under that category. But fresh fish is another deal. Tried the Kate Tilpalia it was excellent, and had some incredible wine that I’m really hoping Lila can remember what I had, cause I don’t. BoneFish is a fantastic resturant with great service, great food and a very good atmosphere.

Don’t you hate that feeling when you see someone and you know you know them but you can’t remember their name or how you know them? That’s how I felt about half the bar. Another one of my girls, Misty, was susspota’ join us, and I knew it was probably because it would be people I knew thur her. Well before the end of the evening Lila and I ended up hanging out with Misty’s ex husband (one of the many rich bastards in Chattanooga) and gossiping about everyone else around us. Also ran into some other people and the gossiping continued. This town is just frekaing bizzare.

By the time Lila and I left BoneFish, Camille was still at High Point with her male friend. So she and I ended up over there and hung out with them for a bit. I ended up leaving quite early (as compared to the rest of the party) due to the fact that I, well… be prepared for a discombobulated rant in the next section.


There are some things that I don’t get. I would go into them here… but I won’t. At this time.

You can’t have a lasting relationship with someone unless you are physically attracted to them. It’s just not going to happen. I’ve had money… it’s nice to have. I’ve also not had money, that’s not so nice. I’ve had sex. I’ve also not had sex. I perfer to have sex.

Money won’t keep you entertained, and warm, when the electricity is knocked out due to a snow storm.

Anyways. My point is, is that after running into some of the old crowd, and seeing the landscape in general…. I’m disgusted.

I’m seriously considering buying a place in St. Simons and going into hiding. Cause the world is a very bizzare and unsettling place.

Yes I know that running off and hiding won’t do any good but dammit… *stomps foot and pouts* I wanna.