I got the coolest compliment today from one of my best guy buddies. We went to lunch and are there in our booth totally making messy fools out of ourselves (There is just no “neat” way to eat Mexican) when I manage to get more of the sauce on my face as opposed to in my mouth. He starts laughing and says…

See! Your one of the guys! Only you look better!”

That made me feel good. I love my guy buddies to pieces. Guy friends are different then girl friends. Girls will stab you in the back, guys will at least buy you a beer first before they do it. I’ve always had guy friends, I’ve always had girl friends too. Women who only have guy friends are bizzare. I call those GWGs (Girls Without Girlfriends). But guys are shitty about keeping up relationships.

Some people are just stupid.
I have stooooopid moments. Also refered to as “blonde moments” which really aren’t all that far off considering that I am in fact a redhead (no… I’m not strawberry blonde… it’s called peroxide… yet I am still a redhead…. it’s called Auburn aka dark red) and redhead and blonde DNA is very similar.
So anyways….

As I was saying… some people are plain stupid. Not stoooooopid. But stupid.
As in “Why in the world when I point out that it has a UPS label and I talk about the UPS pick up, would you be stupid enough to put it in a different box and ship it Fedex? You have got to be kidding me.”
There are reasons I drink bottled water, I’m afraid that as rampant as stupidity is… it must be in the water.


I hate having my schedule messed with. I hate having my sleep schedule messed with. I hate being so tired in the mornings that I can’t get up enough energy to run on the damn treadmill. Screw Tennis … I’m lucky to even put one foot in front of the other as of late.

Well hell is unfreezing over. I do believe Lila and I will be setting loose on a fall season shopping mission. This could get pricey. There could be some injuries before all this is over. But hell is starting to thaw…. I’m feeling like shopping again. (See Jack… I knew it wouldn’t last long. The balance is slowly being restored.)
This is pathetic. I feared I’d be staying up late to watch my auctions on Ebay. Yes I know I could just put in my max bid and let it ride… but dammit! There are Kate Spade purses and BCBG skirts at risk here!
Now the new season of Boston Legal is on. I’m a sucker for anything legal. I swear I will attend law school one day, if for no other reason then to say I did it. I really have no passion to actually practice law, I think, I just find it fascinating and I am in awe of the whole system.
I knew it was going to be a late night… at least I’m already in bed. Oh the beauty of laptops.