Just when I start thinking about possibly hanging up my top hat I get an email from a fellow Magicianne, Arian Black. She was actually doing a search for a old Magicianne friend of hers online and came across my bio’s on the radio station websites, where she found out about my being a Magicianne. So she sends me an email telling me about a TV show that is in the process of being put together about “Magic Divas”. I had heard about this via The Magic Cafe, and other magic friends, and had been meaning to check into it possibly, but hadn’t followed up. Then I get the email from Arian.

So I check out the online group and find out that there are others there who are quite established, etc.. I could name off names, but unless you are in the arena, they would just be names to you. But needless to say I am impressed and honored to now be part of this group. I’ll let ya’ll know if for some reason you’ll be seeing me preforming any tricks on TV anytime. *laughs* I wouldn’t hold my breath.