Getting back from vacation and finding out that I would be filling in for the News/Traffic Guy this week was a good but tiring surprise. Getting back on a normal sleep schedule after vacation is always a struggle, but then doing the “ungawdly hour” stuff throws a body off even more.

I found myself wide awake at 2am this morning. All I can say is thankgoodness for Tylynol PM. I have got to get back on a normal sleep schedule.

I’m really wanting to go shopping … it’s time to start beefing up the wardrobe for fall. But it’s the oddest thing… I don’t feel like it. It has got to be a sign of the end… I don’t feel like shopping. The Shopaholic dosen’t feel like shopping. Well, I don’t feel like actually going to the mall and loading down with bags upon bags, and spending most of the afternoon in the dressing rooms. Thankfully there is this wonderful thing called The Internet. I just hate paying shipping. I still have things to return to VS online. arrgh.