“It’s o.k. You are still human afterall.” — April (My big sistah’)


Ever have one of those mornings when you just can’t wake up? Good grief…. It takes me a minimum of two hours to get “camera ready” this week has been my worst week of mornings yet… I feel like I have been flying by the seat of my pants. Today I managed to pull off the next to impossible… and am facing the camera with “Carrot Top” hair, yet I slept for an extra hour.

O.k…. so two hours might seem a bit extreme, but dammit I have standards. A bit high, but standards still.


You know your tired …. and getting older when you cancel your nail appointment in lieu of a nap.


I love doing mornings…. but I am muchly looking forward to getting back on my normal schedule next week. When I’m this off, I can’t even manage to squeeze in a workout due to pure exhaustion. I can’t wait to catch up on sleep this weekend.