If anyone was to ever listen in on the conversations that my lil’ sister Abby and I have, we both would probably be committed to an instituation.

Just the other day she called me up and admitted that she wore full black boots to a job interview…. in July. This is a tradgedy. After all the time that she and I have spent shopping together (most of the time via cell or net) neither of us has enough patience to shoe shop with the other one. I will squeeze my feet into the most uncomfortable stillettos and plaster a smile on my face, as long as they make my legs look good. Abby on the other hand will wear what’s comfortable, even if it’s out of season. No ammount of lecturing has helped. 😉

Alyssa: Oh my gawd you won’t believe what happened today!
Abby: Probably not.
Alyssa: I went into the mall, had time to shop, and didn’t. I totally didn’t feel like shopping!
Abby: Oy Vei! Your joking right?
Alyssa: I think I must be deathly ill.
Abby: I get first dibs on your closet right?

Now I wish I could transcribe the whole conversation we had about pumping gas. Halfway thur it I started giggling uncontrolably. Have you ever noticed that talking about pumping gas could be very sexual? Think about it …… Oh I have a dirrrty mind.

Abby: Ya know what’s so wrong?
Alyssa: What?
Abby: We will spend this much time analyzing Victoria Secret models.

Alyssa: But they are beautiful women. It’s not like we’re lesbians.
Abby: True.
Alyssa: Ya ever think that lesbians have the right idea?
Abby: Hmmm?
Alyssa: Seriouly. Women are beautiful creatures, men on the other hand are um, just….
Abby: Men. Blah.
Alyssa: If I did’t like the male equiptment so much I’d possibly become a lesbian.
Abby: Women are so much more fun to look at, and men just aren’t pretty.
Alyssa: If you go into an art gallery I can guarantee you that there will be more nude pictures of women than men. That’s because women are just better looking.
Abby: True. Women are just sexy. Men are just… eh, Men. But their equiptment is pretty good.
Alyssa: Oh hell yeah!