This morning started out with an adorable little one cuddling with me. She wasn’t sleeping well, and there is no words to even begin to describe the wonderful feeling of having a little one snuggled up next to you.

We left Annapolis early and headed towards home. Unfortunately we had to take some detours due to a pretty bad wreck around 80 somwheres before Bristol. So I missed my outlet mall shopping. *sniffles*

Bad bit is that I couldn’t find any crabs to bring back to two of my girls. *laughs* I promised that I would find “crabs” for them. Would you believe that in a Bay town, toy ones don’t exist? Or at least everyplace that I looked. Grrrr…..

My sinuses are slowly returning back to normal. I hate having allergies. My reactions to various types of dust and mold infuriate me, and then top it off with just a slight change in climate and pollens, and I’m a total mess. Thank goodness I out grew asthma. Yeah, have you ever seen an asthmatic smoke? Or sleep with cats? I don’t think so.

I think right now my biggest need is sleep. I’m lagged out from the trip, even though I did sleep in the car for a portion of the trip, it wasn’t good sleep.

This weekend is going to be a long one. Got back and found out we’ve got a memorial service to attend, I’ve also got a remote that I need to show up to at least for a little bit, and of course my airshift on Sunday.

I can’t wait till Monday.