Spent the morning pretending to be a baked potato.
O.k. not quite. But I felt like it.

Went to the spa and had a body treatment done that involves being wrapped up and cocooned, then swadled in an electric blanket. Also opted to get collegen treatements for my eyes. (I believe in prevetive maintence, I refuse to get old, I don’t believe in it. – but that’s another blog entry.)



Annapolis has a fablous mall. It’s no Lenox Square (Atlanta) but they did have Coach, Bebe, Georgiou (Never been to one of those, orginated in California and there are a few up North), Benefit, Body Shop (as in the body store, not the cheap arse clothing store at the local mall), Ann Taylor, and Charlotte Russe. Did more shopping then I should have, but came out with some fablous finds.


Would you believe it that I actually brought a pair of sneakers? Not that I don’t already have some, it was just bit of an usual purchase for me. The biggest reason I brought them is because they are the “Komen Race For The Cure” (Breast Cancer) sneakers. I had a small collection of items with the well known pink ribbon, and hadn’t added shoes to that yet.

Matter of fact I was asked recently to Emcee again for the forth year in a row for the local race. My first year I was so confused as to what was going on and I just went with the flow and had a total blast. My second year I was actually head of PR for that year, but I had been so sick with my pregnancy, I ended up barely even making it there to do the Emcee bit. Last year was my third year, but my first year representing my radio stations along with doing the Emcee bit. It was also Meggie’s first year and that was really special.

I started out “doing it” for my Aunt Becky, then my Mother in law was added to the list. Now this year I also volunteer for my little sister Abby’s Mom, who was diagnosed pretty recently. (There are those of you who are confused with that “sister” statement. Abby and I adopted each other and refuse to believe that we are anything but sisters. We had sepreate mothers together.)


I’m looking forward to going back to work. I’ve missed it this week, believe it or not. I’ve tried really hard to resist the urge to update anything on the websites (cept’ for the occassinal little tweak). My whole family thinks that I am a total geek. Gee… if only they knew some of the geeks that I know.

Oh, speaking about “Geeks” heard a good definition of a “Geek” vs. a “Nerd” the other day.

A Geek gets things done, a Nerd just thinks about it.