One of the differences between a “good hotel” and a “blah hotel” ….. You were afraid to jump on the beds at the “blah” hotel. At the “good” one you jump on the bed, then realize that you could possibly launch yourself into the ceiling. Then I have to wonder if I’ve become a total snot when I state that it’s sad when the best hotel you can find is a Wingate Inn.

I wasn’t really that nervous, more like a deathly calm, and massive edgyness. I was seeing Dad for the first time in almost 10 years.

He used to be what one would describe as a “mans man”. He was a flirt with the women, a good ole’ boy with his guys, and whenever he was around I was “daddys little girl” even as a teenager. Dad loved to drink, smoke, and tell jokes. Now he spends his time volunteering at church, praying, and telling jokes. Total 180 almost. The years have aged him, but now he speaks conversational Japanese. Time is odd.

When I walked into the lobby I recognized him right away. It took him a minute to realize who I was. Part of me wanted to walk up to him, smack him across the face and march off never to speak to him again. Instead I hugged him and introduced him to Robert and Meggie. Meggie made a lunge for her “Granddaddy Mac” instantly.

Today I became very super grateful for the local mall in Chattanooga. I gripe often about not having the shopping opportunies that Atlanta, does…. but after spending a bit of time at the mall here in Winchester…. oh boy…. even the local “tiny malls” look grand. Out of all things I did find a 06′ calendar from one of my favorite artists, who specializes in painting cats. So that made my shopping expedition into the local culture worth it.