Woke up tangled in scratchy sheets at the Ramada Inn in Woodstock, Virginia. Attempting to stay awke with Robert during the drive did a number on my eyes.

Drove up to Tenbucktwo, (can’t remember the name of the town) somewheres outside of Winchester to see the family. After almost getting lost on the Mountain ridge, we finally pulled into my Aunt’s “farm”. We were greeted by a woman that I had to do a double take on, because she walked a little too fast to be Grandma. She was my Aunt, who I hadn’t seen in a few years. My goodness it’s amazing and shocking to see how much people change in just a few years.

When Grandma saw me she didn’t know exactly who I was, when I told her, it clicked. Unfortunely not for long. I regretted instantly not comming up sooner, I knew she was going, but not this fast. There were times that afternoon where she didn’t even remember my Mom having any daughters. Yet what was funny at one point she looked at me and said “You’ve changed. Last time you were up here, you were chubby. Now your so pretty you could be model.” I had to laugh.

It was pointless to try to descibe to Robert on the drive up the women in my family. Soon after we got there he understood where the fiestyness comes from. Grandma and Aunt Gloria got in a bicker about somthing…. when he looked over at me, and in all seriousness said “My money is on Grandma.”

Eventually that afternoon my cousin Jeni, and longest best friend, showed up with her family. We had to laugh because instead of playing with Barbies, we’re now playing with babies.