Left work early with these really great intentions of heading North in just a few hours. Well, after hitting the tanning bed, running last minute errands, and packing… it became much later than I wanted.

We finally left around 7:30, thankfully traffic was light. 9 hours later found us in Winchester, Virginia. 9 hours and 15 minutes later found us heading 30 miles back the way we had come, due to all the hotels being booked. Yeppers. I was stupid. Since we hadn’t known for sure when we’d be getting there, and when, I hadn’t booked a hotel for that reason. I just figured we’d find somthing available, and could always move up later. Which is what we did….. in Woodstock, Virginia.

I reaffirmed my decision that I would be nuts to have any more children while packing Meggie’s stuff. It takes too long just to get hers and my stuff packed, much less another ones. Hell no!

Ended up missing the Notta Party (i.e. Forum Party). Sounded like it was going to be a good one too. There were disscussions of lots of alcohol, fantastic food, handguns and target practice with rats. I hope Lila took pictures.