letting you inside
liking you here
when you leave
just an echo


I want to do nothing, just listen to the silence. It’s funny the things you take for granted in the ordinary and everyday patterns.


Have you ever been so overwhellmed, and known that you shouldn’t be? Crawling under ones desk and crying isn’t an option. But crawing under the desk with a bottle of Bailey’s might be. Unfortunealy when you crawl back out the crap that sent you scurring away is still going to be there.

There are times that I wonder if I’ve gotten in over my head. It’s not neccessarly that I have, it’s just that I’m petrified of failing, and of not knowning stuff. The lack of knowledge petrifies me and to attempt to soak it all up is pointless. I know I can handle it, but it just sucks having hunks in my day and not having someone else who’s more geek than I am to ask immediately. I have two (sometime three) human geek resources I can track down 25% of the time, but even then it’s not always exactly the answer that I’m needing.

As of late I feel like I am spending more time looking up stuff and studying up on geek stuff, that my creative jucices are suffering. Then I find myself up at odd hours working on a website design layout.