The evening started out at Lila’s, downing a quick drink before we ventured out. The second monthly “date night” for Lila, Jennifer and I.

We met up with Jennifer at this Italian resturant in the downtown art district. Jennifer and I had coaxed Lila off of her no-carbs diet for one night. The three of us had a blast sitting on the deck, enjoying the view of the river, amazing food, and each others company. Even if the wine did suck, the violinst playing made up for it.

To work off the pasta, we decided to walk to Ben and Jerry’s. In the process we checked out the new outside addition to the local museum, and the outdoor sculptures. I am so totally going to have to take my camera back up there soon because they had the coolest iron sculputers of these cats. The expressions on their faces were pricessless and one of them just made you want to scratch his belly. (Yes…. sorry, I’m a cat lover. Couldn’t resist.)

At Ben and Jerry’s who knows what they thought of us…. three women tasting each others ice cream cones, and of course Lila and I are making jokes about “being together” and her “putting out later”. I started laughing on the walk back, and suddenly blurted out how eating ice cream cones was very much like a particular sexual act. And of course I just blurt this out as we walk past a group of guys. Not so good. Then we come across this sculpure that we missed on our way down, that was basically odd shapped rocks/balls on sticks. So I made some joke that some men must really be hurting. Yeah…. opening ones mouth before engaging the brain can lead to some funny moments.

Overall we had a wonderful evening, even if the heel of my favorite pink shoes did get stuck in grate and is now scratched up pretty good.