Turns out we are not leaving at the crack of dawn for Maryland, instead, of right now we are leaving towards the end of the week. This throws things off a bit, but my mind might be a little bit more at ease with work.

I don’t take vacations easily. Hell, even in the middle of my honeymoon in New Orleans I was racking up the cell phone minutes. I still made my sales goal that week, even on vacation. That’s what some would call “sick”, that’s just me. I can’t remember the last time I actually went on a vacation and didn’t take work with me. I swear, one of these days I am going to just “fall off the face of the earth”. The only problem with that is that I will go insane with the lack of technology (no computers, no internet, no cell phones).


The skeletons are dancing again.
Their bones clatter and give me a headache.
Why won’t that damn closet door stay shut?
Damn them boney bastards.
Did you know that if you do nothing besides sing at the top of your lungs for an hour while stuck in traffic, ones voice will suffer?

Gotta love that numb cheeks feeling. Almost as good as the numb face feeling when you’ve been drinking to muich. Karaoke gives you a limited audience, they can get up and leave. Those around you in traffic can’t. *snerk*


Have you ever noticed how strong your sense of smell is?
Smells have been shown to evoke memories that have strong emotional qualities.
One whiff can either take you back to a classroom, a lovers arms, or even make you think of that dammed bear that’s always snuggling in the fabric softener/dryer sheets.
Seatbelts were not designed for women. Any woman that has boobs, will agree with me on this one. I call it the “cleaveage strap”. It cuts you at the wrong angle. No matter where you adjust it, it still dosen’t hit right. Arrgh.

Hell, if it wasn’t for the fact that my life has been saved multiple times by a seat belt, I wouldn’t wear it. It’s not a look thing, it’s a comfort thing.

I bet you a man designed it.