As of August 29 I will have been doing this “blog thing” for one year. I am impressed with myself. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s public and I enjoy having lots of readers. Which by the way, thank you to those of you who do read my ramblings. I know a very small fraction of you, the rest are unknown to me other than IP Addreses/Numbers.

For years I attempted to keep up with regular journals. I did the old fashioned method of actually keeping a written one, then eventually moved it over to the computer. At one point I built a site that was similar to a blog, the same idea, but way before it was cool. Everything would go thur stages. This has been my most consistent in content and in time. It feels good to start getting emails and IM’s from readers wanting to know why I’ve not written in a few days.

I attribute a good deal of it to the “Reality TV Syndrome” humans are curious about other humans, we are nosey by nature.

This blog has also been a good source for me to keep track as to what has gone on in my life. There are so many little things that the average reader overlooks that are there pretty much for my eyes only, or for a select few that actually catch the drift.

Thanks for the hits guys. This blog made number 10 today on blogroll (fantastic stat!). I’m also getting more hits daily then one of the stations websites…. that’s disturbing.

Perhaps that would get more hits if I posted the occassional picture of me in lingerie or a bikini, as so appears here once in awhile. *snerk*