Here’s my delima.

We’ve been booked to perform the closing big show at the SEAM Magic Convention in Alabama in a few weeks. I have a choice… I can either perform in the show, or compete for a much coveted award. I ended up pulling out of the competition a few months back in Gatlinburg due to political bullcrap.

If I compete there is this really kick-arse routine that I really want to do. It involves three girls, skimpy costumes, a box and handcuffs. My only issue is that my main assistant is pregnant and I don’t feel comfortable with her performing the illusion. (Even though I was still squeezing into boxes up till I was into my third trimester and then still performing up till a month before Megan was born.) So I’m going to have to teach two girls the routine, but there’s a problem there… my third girl seems to have lost the ability to be reached by any conventional mean. So I’m starting to scramble a bit… I’ve not “dropped” into this “box” in a little while… I am so not looking forward to the bumps and bruises that will ensue. *laughs*

Once again I’m slotted to at the very least place in the competition. The weird thing is, is that I’ve been debating lately about pulling back my involvment in the magic. I haven’t had a lot of time to put towards it like I should be doing, and in all reality I wouldn’t have gotten into it if I hadn’t of been for Robert. Hell, I wouldn’t even have any sort of recognition except for that I married into a magically politically involved family. I compare it to the mafia. My daughter will be very well off should she decides to take the stage, she comes from a family of performers.

So anyways, what it comes down to is that I can’t perform in the closing show (a BIG deal) if I compete in a competition that I am slotted to at leastplace, but I don’t think it’s due to skill, probably because of cleavage. *sigh*