It’s rare that I will post in the middle of the day… but I’m one of those ditzy people that if I don’t do somthing when I’m thinking about it, I will forget. Half the time by the time I get around to writing somthing down, I’ve forgotten all the witty stuff anyways.


Ya know life is funny….

My ex-husband and his fiance’ have asked me to attend their wedding. Personally I think it’s because it will be the sight of the year to see the ex mother-in-laws face when she sees me. That is enough right there for me to want to rig my hat, or purse, with a hidden camera.

What’s sweet about this though, is that they’ve known each other for years, and finally after years of missing each other and failed relationships, they are together. Is is peculiar that I find this romantic?


What’s more powerful…..

The typed word, or the written word?

When you write somthing out by hand, it’s got a different meaning to it than typing it out. I believe it has to do with the rawness. Perhaps this is why I don’t keep my laptop by the bed, but instead have pen and paper on hand. (As on occassion I get a really amazing thought while in that half-asleep state. Though hardly ever do I actually get up enough to write it out, cause’ then I know I’d be wide awake all over again.) The typed word though is so much more convient. Even though carpal tunnel is the writers cramp of nowdays.


It’s official. One of my fellow redheads has certified me as “sick”. After leaving a store in downtown Chattanooga I confessed to her my urge to organize the place.

O.k. so I’m borderline Obessive-Compulsive. At least the cans in my cabinet aren’t lined up by the label (anymore).


Random Thought #586:

I’m attending my first Macromedia Online Seminar on Thursday. Now the only challange is to “geek up” more before then. Might help if I could get my hands on a copy of Flash MX 04 before then……