You know your tired when you look at the clock and see 4:44 and think –

“The evil number.. the mark of the beast.”

Then you realize that it’s way to early in the day to start having “blonde moments”.

Then it hits you that there is probably a reason that the actual “evil number” can never show up on a clock since 6:66 isn’t a time, unless you want to translate that to 7:06.


My laptop is working again! This is cause for much happiness. Now if only I can get it up to speed, which is a laughing matter in of itself. But that doesn’t mean I’ve removed my eyes from the new Dell Latitude X1. Ooooooooooo………Fast and light.


Did you know that’s it’s irritating to the drivers behind you at the stop light when you take too long to look at the rain thur the sunroof?