So I get this phone call while I was on the air this weekend. This particular listener was quite irrate. She starts off the conversation with the names of the companies upper management, and asks me how well I know them. Not even giving me a chance to answer she continues on to explain how well she knows all of my fellow dj’s and co-workers. After flauting her knowledge of everyones names, she proceedes to state that she knows I’m new, and that I’m really not that good, but if I dare to ever hang up on her again I’ll be sorry. Well. Isn’t that just dandy?

When your in the middle of an airshift, and your running two contests an hour, on top of just the normal “phone flow”, one can tend to be a bit busy. So when your looking for caller 9 the phone banter goes a bit like this: “*insert station name here* your caller number 3, try again!” then you hang up and go onto the next one untill you get to caller number 9.

After you take care of the winner/qualifer, the phone will still be ringing off the hook. So what does one do? Answer a whole lotta calls of callers numbers 10 to 158. That banter goes a bit like this: “Thanks for calling *insert station name here* I’m sorry but we already have a qualifer. Try again later.” Click.

Well turns out she was caller 25. She wasn’t too happy about not qualifying and the way I handled her call. I’ve got news for her. At least I pick up the phone after the contest. I know some DJ’s that don’t. I do my job to the best of my ablity and if she thinks she can do it any better than more power to her. But good grief… you don’t threaten me. That’s stupid. Correction. That’s idiotic. Don’t threaten me unless you are prepared to back up your statements. Bring it. And bring it hard.

I did get a nice phone call, at the end of my shift though from another caller. She told me how much she enjoys my show, and that she wished it wasn’t broken up into two parts. *grins* That made it a bit better.