So I didn’t have a lot of time to think over the three day weekend. That’s a good thing. But yet I also didn’t have a lot of down time. Can’t win em’ all.

Spent some time digging in the dirt, and actually had fun. Now don’t go getting any big ideas thinking that I will be seen anytime soon doing any major outside type of work. All it was, was simple flower planting in various flower pot thingies. Now if they actually live that will be a different story. I’ll post pictures soon, since I know there are those that actually doubt I would do such a thing as dig in the dirt. (You know who you are.)

The party turned out half way decent. Not a huge turn out but we had tons of food and drink. No fires were started and the police weren’t called. Neighbor brought over a great bottle of Merlot, and we watched the Braves game. Yeah, we’re big and loud party people.

I did have a very thought provoaking airshift on Sunday, and I will elabroate on that one later. If the damn server hadn’t screwed up on blogger the post would already be here… *growls* Can’t anyones server work properly?