1: the act of distracting or the state of being distracted; especially : mental confusion
2 : something that distracts; especially : Amusement


I was asked by another Magician if I would assist him at a convention this past weekend. Then I find out via the SU’s best friend (who also happens to be a Magician, whom roomed at the convention with the Magician who asked me to assist him) that the Magician who asked me to assist him, is obessed with me. I had a feeling he had a bit of a thing for me. At the last convention we attended with him, he invited me to join a small group of select Magicians in a “secret society” but alas, he didn not invite my SU, who has a lot bigger of a name in the industry than I. That made me feel good to be recognized a bit by “the guys” as a Magician(ne), yet also a little odd. Kind of like I was just wanted around because I’m cute. This puzzles me.

I want to be admired for being the only female large illusionist in the Southeast, for being good ….. not as “that hot redhead with the swords”.


There are a few things in life that I don’t get. Algebra, French, Vivisection, Democrats, etc….

I also don’t get why I am considered a “distraction”. I don’t see myself as hot, sexy, beautiful, etc… whatever adjective you want to add there. I see myself as a better looking than average, smartass, redhead, who won’t think twice about telling you where to go if you infuriate me.

I was never the “pretty one” I was always the “feisty one”. So why now in life when it’s becoming increasingly important to be recognized for ones accomplishments and brains, am I being recognized for my so called looks? arrgh.