Growing up sucks when your best friend moves to the other side of the continent. It seemed bizarre at first when Mandy, my best friend since the age of six, moved to California, for educational reasons. So on the rare occassion that she’s in town, we attempt to take full advantage of hanging out.

We went to this niffty nook-in-the-wall place in North Chattanooga called Aretha Frankensteins for lunch. I had to laugh when I showed her my ink, cause I know how she feels negitively about them. I guess that’s one of the great things about best friends, they might totally disagree about what you do, but they still love you anyways. (I think she said just about the same thing to me right before I got married the first time.)

One of the neatest things about our my friendship is that she married a really cool guy, Bob. So instead of losing my best friend to some bum, I also gained a kick arse guy friend, and more extended family. (Also a bad attempt at trying to hook his brother and I up.) I can’t wait till they move back home, thankgoodness for free minutes after 7pm!