The most effective way to get someone to agree with you is to shove your theroies down their throat.

Yeah right. That’s really effective.

My friends Kat and Larry have been discussing Dominionism.

From Larry’s Blog:
” Dominionist see a need to return the world to a Christian based legal system and Old Testament law. While most of them believe that this can and should be done through the political process without violence a number of them believe this should be done with arms and militar actions if necessary. Most of them base their beliefs on the teachings and writings of modern Calvinistic theologians.”

I was brought up in the SDA private school system, where in our bible classes it was emphsized very heavly on the ability to quote scripture. I have all the blank pages that they put in the back of bibles filled up in in mine with indexes of various topics. At the drop of a hat it was expected that we should be able to locate a verse that would fit any situation, or topic.

Yet… even with that background… I don’t think that the Dominionist are right. I don’t think the Christians are 100% right, nor do I think the Pagans are 100% right either. Gods of Goddesses, New Testament or Old Testament, whatever side of the fence you might sit upon. Almost anything can be turned into a cult, and yet what they are trying to do is turn our world back to the Old Testament way of life.

Now pardon me but I have an issue with this. True, that there are teachings in the Old Testament that are all very well and good, but yet if you read much into Exodus and Leviticus into the “rules” one would be shocked.

I now have another subject to add to my massive list of reserach to do.