Abby: So just how much damage did you do at the mall?
Alyssa: Very little physical damage actually. Just threatened the clerk who demanded to see my ID to make a small purchase. I really would have liked to have wrung her neck with the damned tie, but she was bigger than me.
Abby: Mental Voo-Doo then?
Alyssa: Don’t cha’ know it!
Abby: When do you have to get up in the morning?
Alyssa: Way too early. I love working the mornings though.
Abby: I thought you hated mornings?
Alyssa: I do. But I’m good at faking it.
Abby: Oh really?
Alyssa: Pevert.
Abby: So which is easier… to fake that you like mornings or fake um, that….. ?
Alyssa: That being….
Abby: You know. That. The thing that all women fake.
Alyssa: Interest in mundane topics?
Abby: No! The Big O.
Alyssa: Oh…..
Abby: So… which is it.
Alyssa: I don’t.
Abby: Oh bullshit!
Alyssa: O.k. Either one you have to relay on some good acting skills, or just the talent of being able to bs.
Abby: Let’s just hope that pretending to be a morning person dosen’t involve mutterings of four letter words!