It’s in the wee early hours of the morning. Hell, I don’t even think this time can be called morning, because even the sun hasn’t even thought of comming up yet.

My brain is a bunch of mushy gray matter. I have more makeup on than a drag-queen, or a porn star, or even a drag queen – porn star. Oh, and to top it all off… I look like Ronald McDonalds cousin.

Lesson learned: Never go get your hair “brightened up” the day before you have to do TV.

I had good reasoning. Seriously I did. Last time I filled in on TV in the mornings I looked really “bleached out”. We don’t have the best lighting in the news studio, but even though it’s not the greatest I still get bleached out. So I thought it might be wise to get just a little “punch up”. Well, let’s just say that poor David overbooked himself and didn’t realize how long he left the color on. *sigh*

So as of 8:00 last night when I needed to be in bed, I was back in his chair trying to get the damage fixed. I’m still bright red, and it’s still not normal looking. But at least it’s not as “streaky”. I love doing mornings, but I am so dreading it today.

Hopefully I’ll be more normal by Monday, when I’m filling in again.

In the meantime I’d hurt someone to be “bleached out” out.

To look on the positive side…. at least my boobs aren’t comming out of my top this morning . One of the previvous times that I filled in, I found out later on that my cleavage was very ample.