I took the plunge yesterday. I called a Real Estate Agent.

Yes I have decided to take the step and enter into it. I’m am scared out of my mind. I also know that I don’t have the patience to remodel, nor to put up with the drive that I make into work now. Don’t get me wrong…. I love being out in the Boonies. I grew up in the Boonies. There’s benefits to having land, and being able to open up your back door and all you see is trees and fields. (Seriously, you could really be redneck out here. Pop open a beer, sit on the back porch with a shotgun during wild turkey or deer season, and have a great day!)

This morning I opened my email and found some listings our agent had sent me. (I love technology… look for a house online!) So far I’ve only found one that makes my heart beat loudly in my chest. And then I look around at the yard, and my fear is confirmed. I will miss living in the boonies, but it will be worth saving myself of more migraines that are induced from traffic and thoughts of remodeling. (Yeah…. trying picturing me even painting… much less dealing with hordes of people in my house doing drywall and flooring… hell no.)