I called my Mom up today and thanked her.
True, it’s not unusual for me to just call Mom up out of the blue to talk, as she is my best friend. I wasn’t thanking her for some tangiable item, nor was I thanking her for something sweet or thoughtful that she did. I simply called her to thank her for doing such a good job in raising me.

This wasn’t the first time I had thanked her for that monsterous task. But yet I also believe it’s important to communiate with people when you have a spontaneous thought.

What’s brought me most recently to this train of thought is the enviromental conditions that a child is raised in. Now “enviroment” can be defined by different people, in various ways. I choose to define it in this situation as, all facets of life that surround a child. Let me give you a little example….and back story might be helpful.

I met one of my close friends, “Charlotte” when we were about ten years old. Charlotte came from a very wealthy family. Her father was a well respected and established medical specialist in town, and they were a bit of what one would call “old-money”. I on the other hand was being raised in a single-parent home, whom no longer was part of the exclusive Irish tycoon community in Yankeeland. My Mother went from living in the lap of luxury, to working odd jobs so that she could always be available for me. So needless to say we came from different backgrounds. We attended the same private schools and had the same circles of friends.

Charlotte and I ended up at the same college (though not at the same time). I was there on scholarship and due to my own hard work. She was there with the year paid in advance. I ended up leaving and went into radio. When Charlotte left she went to beauty school and later dropped out, then proceeded to go into the resturant industry and hopped jobs.

Now if you look at our lives they are even more vastly different. I got married (multiple), have a beautiful baby girl, I own a business, have made somewhat of a decent career in radio, and I have also made a name for myself in magic. Most every goal I’ve set out for myself I’ve achieved in some way size, shape or form, or I know that I will eventually. Charlotte has had a string of failed relationships, gotten invovled in the gay/lesbian community and now is in a relationship with a lovely woman. She also is job hopping and still getting support from her parents. No career, no tangiable financial gain, and no personal self recognitation.

Please don’t take me wrong and think that I am trashing Charlotte, as I am not in any way, size, shape or form. What I am merely doing is an environmental comparission. In all reality if you were to look at our situations at the point in time in our lives that our friendship began, one would think that our fates had been reversed. Or is it simply a case of having to work for somthing v.s. having it handed to you?

It is the oddest thing in the world when the girl who you thought had everything growing up, now thinks you have everything. Life is odd.